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The whole idea of headmates is basically a perversion of both Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID, also known as Multiple Personalities) and schizophrenia. For some reason, the special snowflakes on tumblr have decided that both of these very bad mental illnesses are somehow cool. So they invented this thing called “multiple systems” where a person will have several other people living in their head, which are called “headmates.”

There are a few categories of headmates:

  • There’s headmates who are actually just figments of the person’s imagination. These are mostly original characters, though they can be closely based on fictitious characters or originate from a previously established fictional world (such as Hobbit not featured in any of Tolkein’s work).
  • Fictives are actually established characters from another person’s work. From what I’ve seen, these are mostly Homestuck characters, characters from BBC’s Sherlock, or Loki. This is basically roleplaying gone way way too far.
  • Then there are factives. Factives aren’t even all that welcome within the multiple community. These are the people who claim to have other real people living inside their heads. If you see someone claiming to have Jesse Eisenberg as a headmate, this is a factive. This can get pretty disturbing as people have claimed to have everyone from Eva Braun to the Columbine shooters as headmates.

The whole thing is really really stupid. Not to mention borderline insulting to people who do suffer from the illnesses that this is based on. It is also really really fucking hilarious. Go through the headmates tag. It’s some funny shit.

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